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09/18/2010 00:20

When first hearing about the offer of an extended car warranty from the dealership, you may often justify the benefits of not accepting the opportunity. It may be out of a buyer's budget, or you might simply think it's a scam. While this may be true, deciding to take the extended warranty could indeed prove to be a positive decision too.

The extended car warranty made available by the dealership is typically very expensive, which is one of the many reasons buyers decide against it. Furthermore, these prices tend to include commission for the dealer as well, causing the salesperson to be very aggressive with the sale. That being said, it is easy to see why salespeople at car dealerships are known for inadvertently convincing customers not to make that purchase.

However, regardless of sales tactics, deciding against getting an extended car warranty could cause the buyer to face exposure. Should unexpected damage to the vehicle occur, the driver may find him or herself without a source of funds and therefore in a bad financial state of affairs. However, it is not true that one must purchase the extended warranty from the dealership. Private companies sell extended warranties, too, which are in most cases a better deal. In short, a buyer's solution to intimidation of the salesman is simply to shop around.

Shopping around for different, cheaper warranties will actually prove to the buyer that these can definitely be a worthwhile investment. Unlike the extended car warranty offered at a dealership, buying from a private agency will be cheaper and more efficient. The monthly fees will be relatively low, as will the deductibles. The extended warranty will actually end up saving the driver money in comparison to the cost of repairs.

When faced with an actual issue with the vehicle, the driver will see how it not only makes the process more budget-friendly, but less time-consuming and difficult as well. The vehicle will merely need to be brought to an ASE-qualified mechanic to be fixed. The only personal cost to the driver is still just the deductible, and all other phases of the process are in the hands of the warranty agency.

A buyer should never let the pushiness of a warranty salesman talk him or her out of purchasing an extended car warranty altogether. Instead, browse the offers of other warranty agencies and find the best deal. Overall, while purchasing from the dealership could be a waste of money, purchasing a private warranty can make owning a car much easier on the wallet.

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