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Has your car warranty expired? Are you looking for a new company to help protect your vehicle? Do you want the best there is? If the answer to all of these questions is ''yes", then you shouldn't waste your time in searching. US Direct Protect is the best provider of Car Service Contracts.There are two great things about US Direct Protect in general: the amazingly affordable prices with interest free financing and the fact that the company works with 6 A+ Warranty Administrators. At US Direct Protect we use a licensed software, which connects us in real time to these 6 Car Warranty Administrators. This allows us to seek the most coverage with the best rates for our customers. US Direct Protect has always maintained a B+ or higher on the BBB and is a proud member of The VPA. We offer you a great range of reliable, new and used car, automobile coverages. The company also has overviews of its extended warranties on its website. In US Direct Protect you will receive excellent treatment by our specialists so that you can be assisted in the choosing of your policy.


Yes, today with all of the variety of Auto Warranty companies offering vehicle warranties, it is hard to figure out what the best coverage for you would be. We know you have many questions to ask to feel confident about making the best choice. Please, feel free to contact one of our VSC agents, they can walk you through to protecting your investment. They will tailor the policy to fit your Vehicle and your driving habits along with your intentions for keeping vehicle.


The extended warranty that you purchase from US Direct will require no credit check and no inspection. Monthly installments make it affordable for everyone. Call today for a fee quote.

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US Direct Protect is a National Leader in Extended Auto Warranties and Vehicle Service Contracts. Visitoday for a free Auto Warranty Quote on your Car, Truck or SUV. 


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